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Cockney Forester

Love Life and Living in the Forest of Dean

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Cockney Forester
We're Tony and Jenny Davis and we live in the Forest of Dean. We have been happily  married for 30 years and for all that time we have lived in Cinderford .
We have a very successful professional band called "Banshee" and we play all over the UK entertaining folks with Ceilidh  Barn Dances songs and tunes.
This website takes our music to a different level. Tony writes many song and tunes about life and living in the Forest of Dean. This website will take you on our journey of songs tunes and dances from the heart shaped mine of history that is our home.


Has been writing music since he was a teenager on a council estate in London. He played professionally in a Glam Rock band called "Portrait"  in the late 60's/70's and had moderate success at a national level with quality recordings and TV and Radio appearances.
Having left the Glam Rock era behind he has focused his writing in the folk media. He is  influenced by music from all over the world and  firmly believes you can identify a nationality and culture  by its music. The Forest of Dean is a unique area in the world with its own culture and traditions. The compositions here are Tony's footprints through the Forest of Dean and an attempt to bring the history, traditions, humour and legacy  of this beautiful place to anyone who cares to 
read listen or engage.  HE IS THE COCKNEY


Has been playing music since she was a young woman in the Middle East where got very involved in the local Country and Western and Folk scene with appearances on the local radio.

She was born and bred in Joyford  the Forest of Dean where her father was coal miner,  so she fully understands the trials hardship and tribulations that many families suffered with the decline of the coal industry.  She has a lovely voice and is somewhat of a multi-instrumentalist who can play guitar, button accordion, whistle, mandolin, bodhran and other percussive instruments.  

She has a  warm and kind personality, and is very proud of her roots .She has the patience of a saint (which she needs being married to Tony)  and the skills to make her  the perfect partner for this project.  SHE IS THE FORESTER

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