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Here Here are a few of our songs for you to listen to go to font for titles, paragrap

Here A  Christmas Song 2023

Here A story about what it was like to live in Lydney and sail across the seas

        in times gone by  

Here A song  about being proud of your roots and history 


Here The song below is about a man of the road who inhabited the Forest in the 1940's . He used to clean peoples shoes from town to town. He lost his shoeshine box one day and the local people who loved him so much  contacted Cherry Blossom Polish and Charlie the Shoeblack was given a complimentary box . This song tells of Charlie's life around Parkend and what happened when he passed away. 


Here A song about the troubled times at Christmas 2022

This song is all about a mining accident that occurred on 30th June 1949

at the Waterloo Mine in the Forest of Dean. The memorial seen below can be 

found at Waterloo Screens Pond Brierly Forest of Dean 

This song Gloster Hill is about a man from Littledean who was captured by the Chinese during the Korean War. The town council have put a bench in honour of David Haines on the track near the war memorial in Littledean. Sadly David died in 2000 a short 64 years but what an inspiring character

This is me sat on the bench and below is the inscription on the bench 


Our thoughts for the Ukrainian people at this difficult time.

Below is our song about Covid and sticking together. This does appear at the moment to be over 

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