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 We played live on the Kevin O radio show on radio Winchcombe on 15th Novemeber 2023. Kevin made a video of some of our performance . He said "thank you so much for giving your time I really enjoyed my hour with you " The first is called "When I see Martin Smile" about our encounter with a seriously disabled man with whom we could communicate by banjo. The second is the Dawn Chorus about birds we see in the Forest of Dean 


 Sept  2020   I have just watched/listened to your very poignant lament for Sgt Samuel Beard. Samuel was

my great great grandfather and the child Samuels widow was pregnant with at the time of his death. Thank you for writing and performing this very beautiful and touching lament. Julia

The Lament for Sgt Beard can be heard on the tunes page .

 June 2020 That's great we have really enjoyed all you have put on youTube                 Helen 

 June 2020 Ah Great well done                                  Heather 

June 2020 Well done BeGeebers meaning  well done ol butty what hat hast got on thick yud today      Sue and John 

June 2020  I am enjoying these and sending them on to the singers keep em coming                         Yvonne 

June 2020 A precious tribute                                 Kate 

June 2020 Lovely words and Melody why not send it to Eric Bogle you might become famous              Trevor 

June 2020  Now there's something I didnt know.  That must have taken some practising to film that in one go   Anita

June 2020 Where do you get these ideas from. It gave me a laugh                                Carol 

May 2020  Thanks so much for this I'll check it out and feature something on my  show page               Kevin O 

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